Friday, March 20, 2009


OK. So. It's tough for Celiacs out there. No food at the hockey arena, the ball game or even at the community pool? A salad? Maybe? I feel for you. Especially after I read this: It's brutal. Expensive already, but also terrible in quality. Not to mention no GF Food.

Having mastered a gluten free Hamburger bun already, I suggested to GF Patisserie that a GF Hot Dog bun is the next logic step. I do agree with Caitlin from Glutastic that such a basic staple of North America's leisure life should be available to all people, intolerance or not.

Though Lauren sometimes can be incredibly grumpy and stubborn (which I think she got from her mother), she did get on this project with much zeal and created a prototype gluten free Hot Dog Bun.

Ah. I present: GF PATISSERIE'S Hot Dog Bun for Celiacs. Some improvements needed, possibly for sale next week. Just in time for BBQ season.
Yes, I used Frankfurters and not Wieners! Freybe brand, 100% gluten free.


Allison the Meep said...

Awesome! I was just scoping out little hot dog loaf pans on Amazon the other day. So cool that you're able to help out the GF community in the grilling season, when it's extra sad to be missing out on the fun.

Anonymous said...

I like hotdogs, but there seems to be constant problems with them (listeriosis in Maple Leaf, needles in Schneiders) so it makes me hesitate to buy them. I guess I need to go to a better brand!

H.Peter said...

hello Allison,

yes, they are perfect for the season.

H.Peter said...

Senior Lorneo,

it's an outside chance to et sick from a Hot Dog. However I do agree that the overall quality is just plain bad.
But I like what to do?

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Awesome! I rarely eat hot dogs, but when I do a bun would be nice.