Sunday, February 15, 2009


My post about IN-N-OUT BURGER caused quite a ruckus with Lauren & Victoria. Lauren is cranky, since I had a double double and she did not, and Victoria calls me a (food) traitor.
Ah, so sorry girls. But worth the wrath....

Lauren then decided to have Hamburgers for the weekend and she would make her fantastic gluten free Hamburger Buns. Now, GF Patisserie is selling those buns for a while now and there are hardly ever any left on Saturday. But this time, Lauren made them specifically for the family.

Victoria came up with a recipe for this bun a while ago but kept tinkering with it, and now in my non celiac opinion she has created the perfect GF Hamburger bun. Light, airy, a touch of sweetness to offset the onions and condiments, yet firm enough, so it does not crumble when you bite into it.

On my next trip to Vegas I will take Victoria with me (I think she is cranky about me going alone as well), hand a couple of buns to IN-N-OUT BURGER and Victoria can experience the whole thing with me. I promise.


Anonymous said...

This burger place is causing quite a ruckus in the home hey? Guess that'll teach you to show off the places you've eaten :-)

It sounds like you had yourself a nice trip down south.

H.Peter said...

Senor Lorne,

how was the move? We hope all is good and all animals are safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

The move was good. Easy and quick and no hitches or dings in the wall. It is so exciting to be here.

The pets all made it fine. They are all happy and excited and running up and down our stairs!

Housewarming in two weeks! That'll make the home seem more homey!

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Sorry for the girls' wrath, but nice that you got some wonderful GF rolls out of it! LOL

Now, let me go read your post that stirred everything up. ;-) LOL


littlehousegirl said...

any chance you could share the recipe for these delicious looking buns or is it confidential?!

littlehousegirl said...

any chance you could share the recipe for those delicious looking buns or is it "confidential"?!

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