Wednesday, January 14, 2009


For those of you who have not yet seen Ratatouille, an animated Disney movie, Anton Ego is the much feared food critic in this movie.

I just found this article in the Herald Tribune about a real, savage, mean spirited food critic.

A great read:


Allison the Meep said...

Whoa, what a very unpleasant man. What DOES he like? Being so mean that a chef killed himself...jeez. That's rough.

Interesting article though, thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Wow. That guy is a snobby jerk. If he critiqued my restaurant I would totally ignore him. He obviously has nothing better to do than to put people and their accomplishments down. Sounds like a school aged boy picking on someone so he can feel better about himself.

H.Peter said...

yes, he is pretty staright forward with his comments and reviews.
But who knows, it might just have a happy end one day?

Anonymous said...

When I watch Food Network, I usually notice that judges always give the bad news first. I guess they delight in the criticism more than what they actually liked.

But this Anton Ego has obviously done something really good to get the following and "repertoire" that he now carries. If I were to give the same review in the same restaurant, they would most likely dismiss it. So props to him for achieving such a powerful critic standing. It's just unfortunate that he has to do so in such a colourful and menacing way. But I guess it's just his style, and it keeps readers hooked.

H.Peter said...

Hello Lorne,

tell me, what is your favorite show on the Food Network?

Anonymous said...

I like shows like Unwrapped and Good Eats (Alton Brown amuses me). But my fave shows are Iron Chef (orignial), anything Jamie Oliver and I can't think of the other ones. I'll watch any of them really, it's all so informing.

I don't like Ramsay cause I saw an episode where he started swearing at a 12 year old chef (told him to $#%* off). I lost respect for him after that.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

I laughed when I got to the part where people dined on the food he cooked and were not at all impressed. The other stuff ... not so much. It's awful when critics like that get so much publicity and power.

I haven't seen Ratatouille (since my son is now 21, I don't usually go for the animated flicks), but if I catch it on television one day, I'll be looking for Anton.

H.Peter said...

Isabella wants to see ALL animated movies ( No more Al Pacino for me) and as most studios are aware that adults have to drag along, they usually sneak some pretty funny "adult" comments into the story.

This one in particular was actually very good. Think rodent super star chef.