Saturday, January 10, 2009


A new year brings new ideas. Victoria and Lauren are no exceptions. They will roll out new gluten free items all the time in 2009 and they started off with a bang.

Lauren made a swiss roll for this weekend, with a nice buttery cream filling. I like it.

Victoria created a gluten free cheese bread, I tasted it yesterday and it turned out very well. Soft on the inside with a nice cheese flavored crust. As with all other breads that Victoria and Lauren made so far, this is another hit. You will enjoy it.

They also added some new images to their website, including an order form that you can email or fax to GF Patisserie. Check it out:


Anonymous said...

I guess there is no end to their creativity and talent!

Nicole said...

Wow! They are going to need a bigger bakery soon. So much talent :o)

Angi, Kyle, and Deak said...

I was right outside of the store today... I wish I would have made it in!

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Flat cheese bread ... that looks very lovely! I am sure these new products will be hits with all their customers!


H.Peter said...

Hi Nicole,

I think the size is not as important as the quality they try to achieve.

H.Peter said...

Hi Angi,

how do you like Cochrane so far?
This is an extreme winter so far and I truly hope you are not too shocked about it...

H.Peter said...

Hello Shirley,

Whenever you plan to revisit Calgary, make sure to let us know.

Victoria will be fully stocked for your visit.