Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have read quite a few positive comments about this Mexican place, but until today never made it there. I missed out!

Located right off the west end of Southland Drive in a strip mall it is very much worth the trek south if you live in NW Calgary like me.

A small space, 1980's style decor with orange sponge painted walls and some basic Mexican decor (think Sombreros), but once more that is secondary compared to the food.

After clearing up the basic GF issues (Yes, corn tacos, not wheat), I ordered Pork tacos for Isabella and a shredded beef tostada for me. Our table was right next to the kitchen and from what I could see in there, they brought Mexican authenticity to the kitchen as well. Basic equipment, fresh ingredients everywhere and some interesting imported canned goods.

Isabella's pork Tacos were excellent with a nice limey flavor to the sauce. I have never seen tacos with rice, but Isabella gave it her famous thumb up.
My Tostada had very tasty Barbacoa shredded beef with ample toppings. The only thing not so authentic was that cheap yellow Cheddar cheese from some sub par Canadian producer. They could use some Queso instead.

Inexpensive, not to say cheap. If you ever ventured out of your all inclusive resort during your last holiday in Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta and you want to experience that great flavor of food again, you have to visit MI TIERRA.

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GFE--gluten free easily said...

Sounds like a great spot to frequent!! Actually even some all-inclusives in Mexico have authentic Mexican food with lots of corn-based traditional Mexican dishes or seafood choices that are naturally GF, but they are the smaller resorts that are a bit off the beaten path. There's one in Cozumel that we love and have been to three times now and we are not folks who usually return to the same spot again. But, you are right, the main all-inclusives tend to be very Americanized and not good choices for folks eating gluten free. Anyway, glad you found your way to this spot. Love your daughter's thumbs up! :-)


H.Peter said...

Calgary does not have the same latin influence as, say Las vegas, but this place is a great find.

Anonymous said...

We went to Salt & Pepper in bowness on Thursday for lunch and that was really good food too! I think there's one in Cochrane too! I love the habanero sauce they have on all the tables! Sooooo good!

I love mexican food as long as it tastes good (I guess that goes with any type of food).

H.Peter said...

S&P is not my favorite.

The Cochrane location was closed for a while last year due to staff shortage.

I love eating Tacos so sometimes we just make them at home.

Chris said...

Thanks for the review and the pictures. I've heard so much about this shop on various boards, including the aforementioned 'chowhound', so it's really nice to see some pictures.

I love Latin cuisine in general, and usually try my hand at a fair amount of home versions, so I'll be sure to stop in next time I come down from the Chuck.

H.Peter said...

hey Chris,

thanks for stopping by. I think it is worth a visit when you drive down to COWTOWN.

I read (and Post) on Chowhound sometimes (worldwidestuff) and my favorite places in Edmonton for now are Famoso's and of course tasty Tomato.

chantal said...

Does Salt and Pepper in bowness have gluten free tacos as well?