Sunday, January 04, 2009


Sunday. A day in our family where everyone is at home, relaxed and not rushed for anything. Very enjoyable.

Today Victoria made French Toast for the whole family. She used GF Patisserie's Raisin Bread, which already is flavored with Cinnamon and slightly sweet. But she added another surprising twist to her toast today, the ultimate recycling idea. We always have egg nogg at Christmas, but honestly, it is more a tradition to have it than to drink it. I am sure some of you can relate.

So Victoria used the left over egg nogg today as a dipping mixture instead of the usual version. Wow. It turned out FANTASTIC!
All the flavors are there, nicely fried into the batter with a chewy centre of the best gluten free raisin bread. I love Sundays.


Nicole said...

I love french toast! Lorne made it for me the other day. He's a cool husband yo!

I don't like egg nog, but I'd like to try that. It sounds really tasty!

H.Peter said...

I don't like egg nogg either. But with teh eggs and bread it was pretty good

Anonymous said...

I don't like french toast much, but I do like eggnog. But a good idea of Victoria's part for using it in the batter!

GFE--gluten free easily said...

How could you not love Sundays with such a wonderful morning treat? I am a fan of egg nog, but my body is not so much any more. Next year try rice pudding made with egg nog ... yum.

H.Peter said...

50/50 on the egg nogg.
Sort of similar to an election in the USA......some fpeople like it, some don't.

But then there is the experience of a nice Sunday morning with the family.