Friday, January 02, 2009


I guess there comes a point with most Blogs where one just starts to think what to write about next. And how. And why.

Over my little Christmas break I had some good discussions with others about blogging, read a lot of different themed Blogs, looked at my own past scribbles and it gave me a much needed boost to continue. So there. Not much else to say, other than thanks for visiting my Blog. It's great to know you are reading it.

One thing of course in conjunction with Victoria's GF Patisserie, I will continue writing about my experiences on the Gluten Free Front in Calgary. But I will try to fit in other stories as well this year. What, I do not know yet.

So let me start with a new restaurant that opened only a few weeks ago, up in the Northwest quadrant of this city. Green Chili, at the Crowfoot Centre offers a great variety from the cuisines of India.
Many dishes from that subcontinent are gluten free to begin with, but just to be safe we advised management about Victoria's Gluten intolerance. Well informed about allergies and very helpful in guiding us through the menu makes this spot a no brainer for Celiacs.

Both Victoria and myself enjoy a good curry once in a while so we went and checked it out before Christmas. A la carte for dinner and buffet style lunch.
If you do like Indian cooking and know a bit about it, let me recommend dinner, as their menu is huge.
The lunch buffet however offers a good variety of basic Indian cooking as well, at the very good price of 15.50. Which to me seems a good deal. And you can taste many different flavours and spices without ordering the wrong dish off the menu...

For dinner we enjoyed some great vegetarian dishes, Palak Paneer (pureed Spinach & Cottage Cheese), Dal Massor (Lentils), as well as some meat varieties. My lamb Korma was incredibly flavourful and mild in contrast to Victoria's choice of Vindaloo Chicken. Their Coconut rice is one of the best versions I have had. An excellent side dish.
I was not too pleased to be charged for the Mango Chutney, but economics rule I guess.

Curios enough, it's free at the lunch buffet. How does that work?
The lunch buffet usually offers three meat choices, I counted five vegetarian dishes and plenty of condiments to make your meal almost authentic. If it were not for those sub zero temperatures otuside, you could almost imagine being in Mumbai or New Delhi...

Desserts from India are not really world famous (like Austrian or French choices), but their rice pudding was actually very good. Spiced with Kardamon and Saffron, definitely different from the rice puddings we make here.
Overall, I highly recommend this place (they have a few locations around town) as a nice alternative to our boring suburban franchise food choices.


Anonymous said...

Is that butter chicken? Cause it looks good. I found myself liking Indian food when I went to Winnipeg to visit family. There is an awesome restaurant there called Ivory, and they're award winning. I tried everything on the menu, finding that I like naan the best. But this restaurant sounds good. I may have to go alone as Nicole doesn't fancy indian food.

H.Peter said...

Indeed one of the things on my plate is Butter Chicken.
Not the best I have had, but very decent.

It does take an acquired taste for Indian food. That's why it is better to start with a buffet, than spend big bucks on dinenr without knowing if you like what you ordered....

Ivory sounds like an amazing place, somehow I do not see myself venturing to Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we'd love for you to taste our new gluten free pizza at Pizza Bobs in Calgary!

H.Peter said...

Good plan. Please send to France.