Sunday, January 25, 2009


It is very interesting how every business has something of a signature product that people come back for over and over.
It can be a special dish at a restaurant, the newest cell phone at your local electronics store or anything else really, that makes you go back to the same place.

At GF PATISSERIE it's the bread. In the very short time that Victoria and Lauren have been baking, they have attracted an amazing repeat clientele that no matter how cold it is, or how far the drive is to Cochrane, come back loyally every week for their orders of fresh breads.

If you have never baked or bought gluten free bread it is hard to understand maybe, but I have not only seen how challenging it is to bake a great GF bread, I have seen how challenging it really is to bake ENOUGH gluten free loaves on a busy Saturday.
The dough is so hard to handle, since without gluten it is very tricky to create a somewhat uniform, crusty, fluffy bread. Small batches in small machines guarantee that the quality is the best you can make without loosing too much time compared to a commercial regular bakery.

To their credit I have to say that Lauren and Victoria got a system down that works great. I am not really welcome at the bakery during production time, but it is amazing to watch. Like clockwork, batch after batch gets mixed, prepped and baked.

There are now quite a few different types of breads available now, each one with a different characteristic, great flavor. Many first time clients who visit GF PATISSERIE are hesitant to buy, since so many previous attempts at other GF bakeries resulted in ho hum experiences.

Victoria always makes sure they get to taste a piece first, which then usually creates a massive "light bulb" moment and everybody is a converted, happy, loyal repeat customer.
And they are already working on more, exciting flavors for the spring


Allison the Meep said...

I'm just now working on perfecting my bread recipes so when I open a GF bakery in North Carolina, it will be amazing. I love seeing things like this, because it's proof that there is a huge need for GF foods, and just motivates me more.

H.Peter said...

Yes, there is a huge demand for GOOD GF products int he market place.

We are glad to get you motivated, now you just have to go and do it.

Local Farmers' markets are a good place to start to test the response to your creations without risking too much.

No matter how bad the econmy seems to be, top quality will always sell.

Anonymous said...

That bread always looks so good. I'll have to try out some GF bread soon.

I'm glad things are going so well for the bakery in such a rough economy. But like you said, no matter what, people like the top quality products (buy our planes! buy our planes!)

H.Peter said...

hello Lorne,

do you take American Express?


karenk said...

I have to admit they do make the best bread. When I had my first GF bread (I won't mention where I got it) I spit it out and then tried toasting it.. spit it out and thought, Im never going to have bread again. It was that bad. But since finding the Cochrane GF bakery my no bread days are over. It really is the best. I do buy it frozen only because I typically don't eat a lot of bread to begin with. Oh and it makes the best French Bread...which was my favorite weekend breakfast and now can still be. Thanks GF Patisserie for making such awesome bread.
I don't think it really has anything to do with Economy, when you are limited by your diet you will pay the price for quality. Thanks also for trying to keep your prices reasonable. I think they are!

H.Peter said...

Hey karen,

thanks for your very kind words. Encouragement from people like yourself makes it worth it to go through trial and error.

See you soon

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Gorgeous! I am sure even I (someone who really doesn't have a hankering for bread often) could go for some of this warm with butter. I can just imagine it. Sigh. ;-)

Victoria and Lauren obviously have their wonderful bread "down pat," much to the delight of their customers, but H. Peter, you did a very fine job of showing the process!


H.Peter said...

Good morning Shirley,

it still baffles me to see how that goo of a dough turns into an amazing loaf of bread.

As the more traditional cook, I would panic to bake without gluten.

Xanthan Gum is amazing!