Saturday, January 17, 2009


Before Christmas Victoria had numerous requests for gift certificates from her clients to give to friends and family as a gift. Well, who would have thought? Chapters, Starbucks, Future Shop are logic choices, but GF Patisserie's cakes and pastries? I guess so.

So. Victoria has joined the ranks of stores selling certificates. Now you can tell your boss, neighbor, room mate, friends, and family what to get you for your next birthday/holiday/"I am sorry" day, or quite frankly ANY day you feel like eating fresh baked gluten free cakes!

No minimum, no expiry, it's perfect.


Anonymous said...

Awesome idea. It would be a great gift!

Angi, Kyle, and Deak said...

We came in today and I got a lemon loaf (insanely good!) and I told my hubby that he now knows where to go for all occasions. Gift certficates would make it super easy for him. PS- he has it in his head that GF baked goods are gross- I gave him a bite of my lemon loaf and he totally loved it.

H.Peter said...

hello Angi,

that is very a typical reaction. When I first met Victoria, my whole (cooking) world collapsed.

But by now I don't feel suc a big difference anymore from Victoria's baking.

HOWEVER, I agree with YH that there are plenty of gross things in some GF aisles.....

GFE--gluten free easily said...

I am sure those gift certificates will be very popular. I would love such a gift if I had a great GF bakery nearby!

Allison the Meep said...

So cool. I wish I lived closer, and I'd be a regular at the bakery.

In this town I just moved to, we have absolutely no GF bakeries, so I guess it's up to me to open one.

H.Peter said...

Hello Allison,

there you go. A new career. Come on up to Alberta, apprentice with Victoria and off you go.

The next Super GF Baker!