Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am very sorry for that mish mash of images, I had to go on Flickr to search for better pictures. Victoria brought home some gluten free Vanilla crescents today, but the whole family started eating them before I was able to take a few good images. Thanks to all the good photogs on Flickr.

The very first cookie every mother in Austria teaches her children to make, is a Vanillekipferl. A nut based crescent shaped cookie that is dusted with vanilla and icing sugar.

The kids all get a few balls of dough and under the careful eye of mom they would form the balls into small pinkie sized rolls before being bent into the shape of a crescent. Fond memories, fond memories. I loved baking.

Even though I am married to a Celiac, my mother to this day sends me a tin full of Kipferl every Christmas. Lauren and I polish them off usually before Christmas.
I told my mother recently to save her postage this year because GF Patisserie will make Christmas Cookies. I know there is a tin full on the way...she will never stop to send me my Christmas Hamper.

I have to tell you, dear gluten intolerant people of Calgary and surrounding areas, this Chistmas is for you. I don't say this lightly, or because Victoria is my darling, but Lauren and Victoria are baking up some magic for you. Every cookie that I have tasted so far, including the Rum Truffles, taste incredibly Christmassy (if that is a word). GO GET SOME!


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for my christmas cake from my parents to come in. I love the little traditions like that.

H.Peter said...

I agree. Some traditions are very well worth it.

Gluten free Kay said...

Hi H. Peter,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish your wife's bakery was closer to Indianapolis! We got nothin' here. I'm forced to do my own baking. I guess her recipes are trade secrets, huh? Those crescents look yummy!

Gluten Free Kay

H.Peter said...

Hi Kay,

yes, they taste almost as close as the real thing.

I think Victoria has a knack for GF Baking. I am not allowed in the bakery's kitchen, so I can't Blog about actuals...

i do know though that it took a while of trial and error and I go to taste a lot of the errors too....

Dana Wax said...

oh my! miss a little miss a lot!

I've just spent the past 10 minutes looking over the posts i missed /salivating over the baked goods i'd love to eat /being jealous of your trip to china.

I always get a kick out of reading your blog! Glad I had the time to read it again :)

H.Peter said...

Hello Dana,

Yes, China was a blast, I might add one final post with images that I still have on my camera.

Enjoy the festive season and stay warm!