Friday, December 12, 2008


Lauren again! Theceliachusband has deemed me the official guestwriter...

So today I write to you about fruit tarts!
We've done a couple other things using our pie dough (butter tarts and Quiches), and I was looking for something really colourful to put in the display for this weekend.
Good thing most of them sold today, since the weather tomorrow isn't looking in our favour (think -35 C with windchill...brrrr).

But there is nothing better for colour than bright fruits...glazed on a bed of pastry cream in a chocolate painted shell.

Once again, simple ingredients produce the best results...even mum (aka Victoria or the Celiac of the family) who isn't a fan of custards or custard-like creams ate two! And they're four inches in size...I wonder if there will be one left for me??


H.Peter said...

I just ate the one Mom brought home. You did very well.

Crunchy shell, delish custard cream and fresh fruits.

The only way it would be even better is with some whipped cream....

That weather sucks, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I like the cold :-)

The tarts look great! Cinnamon buns and carrot cake next?

H.Peter said...

Can't stand the cold. Give me a pair of shorts and a pool anytime.

Theyhad carrot cake kast week and Cinammon buns are in the program I think.

Doria said...

Ces tartelettes sont bien délicieuses !
Bon dimanche, Doria

H.Peter said...

Bon soir Doria,

Merci for stopping by.
Where in France do you live?

Nicole said...

Good idea about the chocolate painted shell! Sounds delicious!