Friday, December 05, 2008


Lauren once again, for another post before theceliachusband returns...looks like he's been pretty busy as always!
As you might have notice from the million and one blog postings that say NEW NEW NEW, we're always looking to add new items to our growing list of available product.
There has been one customer consistently asking for carrot cake, so I finally had the time to make one. I barely got a picture (pardon the quality...I forgot my camera and the blackberry had to suffice) because nearly everyone who came in today took a piece or more! It must be the cream cheese icing people love so much (and the cute little carrot). Mine with a slightly less sweet taste, since the sugar buzz you normally get always sends me crashing.
And because its Christmas, what better to have than Linzertorte squares? Think almonds and raspberry jam melting in your mouth, mmmmmm. No better way to enjoy it with this cold weather than with a nice hot cup of tea.
For the festive mood of the season, next week we will start baking Christmas cookies! Gingerbread men, almond crescents, shortbread and the like (pics to come soon). Possibly a gingerbread house? Ohh the possibilities!


H.Peter said...

Please bring a piece of Linzer slice to the aiprot when you pick me up!

Anonymous said...

and since I live near the airport, bring an additional piece please!

Nicole said...

Awesome! I love carrot cake :o) And gingerbread men! I think it would be awesome if you made a gingerbread house.

Provence said...

I love linzer

H.Peter said...

Well. I love Linzer Torte also and i am very happy that lauren made it for teh season.