Tuesday, November 11, 2008



I was not going to post any more stories about las Vegas, but today CNN had a segment about the healthiest grocery store in North America.

Unfortunately we do not have one here in Calgary, but Whole Foods was in first place and during our trip to Vegas we went to visit the latest Whole Foods there.
I'll just post the images, you can read all relevant comments on this article:

Not cheap, but a dream to shop.


Cheryl A said...

How does it compare to Planet Organic?

H.Peter said...

Hi Cheryl,

personally, I believe Planet Organic is like many other Canadian copies of an American concept.
Smaller, MUCH MORE PERSONABLE and equally outstanding in being responsible towards the idea of a healthy planet.

Scale in grocery shopping does matter though, so the selection of both fresh and packaged goods at Whole Foods is far superior to Planet Organic. But then they have close to 300 stores, versus 10 here....

Unfortunately Customs Canada is even more rigid than their US counter parts when it comes to food imports. The cheese selection alone is worth a trip to a Whole Foods.
No quota, no punitive duties make for a more pleasant experience on the wallet.

Now combine all that with a more granolaish, but equally exciting Trader Joe's.....you got grocery heaven.

We do frequent Planet Organic on Shaganappi often and love it.
One day Victoria may just sell her fresh baked good at their stores.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I know what you look like now. (Creepy stalker grin ensues...). I saw you in the reflection!

If you're looking for a good cheese store, although I've never been to it (although driven past it), it's Springbank Cheese Company on 14th ST NW and Northland Drive. With a name like that, it must be good! I think they have over 320 cheeses.

I will have to check out Planet Organic sometime. It sounds fun!

oriordan said...

I have the dubious pleasure of going to Las Vegas this Thanksgiving. I am curious as to which of the stores in Las Vegas you visited? It seems like their GF selection is particularly good based on the photos.

H.Peter said...

Hi Oriordan,

there are three Whole Foods in vegas. Summerlin, Green Valley and the newest one (which we went to)in a place called Town Center or market square. Only opened a few month ago.

6689 S. las vegas Blvd is he correct address. About 3 miles south from the Mandalay Bay.

If you happen to rent a car and have time, make sure to check out Trader Joe's also.