Thursday, November 06, 2008


Sorry guys, this is not a review about a new strip joint in Vegas. Could have been though. With that name. As good as Badda Bing Bar. Which IS a strip joint.
I am very curios what you thought first when you read that title. Let me know.

The LUMPY BUMPY BAR is a Snickers Bar with a Red Bull advertising budget. Found at Trader Joe's, a really great grocery store in the United States. Leave it to Joe (not the plumber) to travel the world and find great and unique food items to sell to us. Lots of organic products with a trend towards the granola heads amongst us.

On our last visit we bought some great gluten free cereal, tasted chocolate from a country even I did not know about and we found the LUMPY BUMPY BAR. How could I resist. The potential for something so funny, if just by name.
When you look at the packaging, first you think what the heck? Headache stuff? Medicated soap for things we can't tell our best friends about?

But clearly it states something in writing about chocolate. Except your brain does not register it, very similar to green Tomatoes, the colors throws off your senses.
Once you bite or cut into the candy bar though , the name becomes a bit more obvious, especially with the lumpy top layer of peanuts. By now my mind is so confused, I don't even want to eat it anymore. So I gave the two slices to Isabella and her friend Ceilidh (it's an irish name, not a spelling mistake) to get some sort of flavor feedback.
It's got sugar so they ate it faster than their mashed potatoes, that's for sure.

Isabella compared it to another candy bar, SMOR "just with nuts" and her friend kept saying "Yumm". Not sure what it means, as she says it about all other things I feed her...including curry lamb sausages.
So all is good and on my next trip I buy more.

On a side note, please note the "G" with a small leaf on the packaging. Trader Joe's clearly indicates all their gluten free items with this logo. Now THAT Joe is a real trail blazer. And a winner!


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Good post!

H.Peter said...

Mr. L.,

thank you. yes, sometimes things fall into my lap that are a given for fun!

How is life treating you guys?

Anonymous said...

Life is treating pretty good. I've got the day off which is always nice. I don't know what to do though.

H.Peter said...


Nicole said...

Haha I actually laughed out loud when you mentioned the name sounding like some strip club. A strip club for older women is all I could picture!

What a gross name for a chocolate treat though. Like come on people! Name it something cooler like yumdillyumptuous bar or something :P

How do you pronounce Ceilidh?

You find some very cool foods!

Anonymous said...

Cooking is fun. What should I make? I'm always looking for a pizza dough recipe...

Angi, Kyle, and Deak said...

Are there pizza crusts at the bakery?

H.Peter said...


They got Pizza Crust that is actually very good in the freezer. However, it sells out quickly. Since you are also at home in Cochrane, call them and put some on hold (403) 990-9565

H.Peter said...


I used to make Pizza dough many years ago. My "secret" is simple. Replace half the liquid with beer. Makes the dough flavourful and it rises better (yeast).

On McKnight Blvd, close to the (real) airport, is an Italian grocery store that sells canned San Marzano tomatoes.....or try the canned cherry tomateos from Superstore

H.Peter said...


yes it is a weird name. But in marketing a product anything goes, I guess....just Google Lumpy Bumpy and see how many people talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I live near that airport! Perhaps I'll try that out. I'm assuming the tomatoes are for topping :-)