Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So we are back. I took Victoria for a very well deserved short trip to the US. Main excuse was of course Tuesday's election to which we had an invitation to an election party from a few people we know in Las Vegas, our home for a few years.
Shopping and eating were the other two motivating factors. Not going to bore you with the great prices of UGGS, Neiman Marcus, etc., but I think you may want to hear about some of the food we ate.

As we did not have much time, we mostly revisited old haunts of ours where Victoria knew she is in good hands and I am happy too, because I like the places. But then, I like any place where they serve good food.

P.F. Chang's is a chinese influenced chain restaurant (or at least what America perceives to be tasty chinese food), that we patronized often for a decent meal in the neighborhood. Way back when we lived there, their GF options were limited to a small number of dishes. But things have changed.
Not only does P.F. Chang's offer a complete gluten free menu with a lot of choices, they also have installed separate cooking stations to ensure zero cross contamination.

Lettuce wraps, stir fried pork with lettuce leaves is what drew Victoria to that restaurant in the past, but this time she had Salt and Pepper Calamari, with a gluten free, light coating.

If you head to the US, look on their website to see if they have a location where you are headed. Though not nearly authentic chinese food, they do turn out great "interpretations" of Asian cuisine.


Anonymous said...

That is a crazy looking restaurant! The food looks good too! It's always fun to find a place that you love to eat. I'm yet to find one of those in Calgary.

H.Peter said...

Well, to be honest, we do not eat out nearly as much in Calgary, as we did in Las Vegas.

Value is just not there. many restos are riding the 140.00/Barrel oil wave.
Ehm, I got news, oil is back in the 65.00 range.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tell that to the gas pumps...

It just seems that there is a lack of really good restaurants here. Chains always seem to sell the same food, even if they're all different chains. It's so generic.

Although there is one place called La Paella in downtown Calgary that I would like to try. A serving of Paella is over $50, and I think it feeds about 4 people. Care to join?

H.Peter said...

Scheduling may be the issue with the Paella joint.
I did read up on it though a while back and I was intrigued too.

Try this blog for some bargain restaurants without blandness, I did find the odd one.

Nicole said...

That is an awesome looking restaurant!

I too do not like to eat out unless it is to get Wendy's or pizza. I just don't find anything great about restaurant food. I have a husband at home that makes meals that are way better and healthier than restaurant food. And less expensive too!

That's nice that you got to spend a few days in Vegas with your wife.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. It looks mostly like asian food, and I never grew up eating it much, but I always do enjoy it. My fav is italian, french and greek. I think that's most people's favourite. But I like to experiment too, thus the Paella desire. I'd made it myself, but I want the real thing first.

It's weird how a peasant/poor dish like Paella can become a hard-to-book delicacy here in Calgary. Same is for Ratatouille (the movie made me salivate).

H.Peter said...

Ratatouille is pretty easy and fast to make. Victoria loves it. Thanks for mentioning, I now know whats for dinner.

Paella is actually fairly simple. Way back I had a post about it.

H.Peter said...

hello Nicole.

Wendy's is a darn good Burger joint. I used to go there often.....

vegas was home for seven years, so we still know our way around and always enjoy it vry much.

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