Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I'm filling in for Peter (aka The Celiac Husband) a second time to prove I'm a good fit to blog while he is leaving to China for business. Weird calling him by his first name, but I don't know how many people would understand if I started throwing "Papa" in the mix...

If there's anything that gets me excited, it would be anything to do with Europe. Austria in particular. Haven't gotten my chance to see France, Italy, etc. yet, so it remains my personal favourite place to go. The idea of goodies from Austria excited me years before I got a chance to visit.

Long story short, Peter is actually my step-dad, but you'd never know it. No evil step-parent cliche to throw in here, sorry! Until I was fourteen, Oma (that's grandma) was known to me only through the parcel of cookies sent every year at Christmas. Often it arrived late and we feared the postal service decided they deserved them more.

Crescent cookies, jam cookies, a cornflake cookie, and everyone's favourite...rum balls. For the sake of our customers, they will be deemed as Oma's Rum Truffles, because they are anything but your typical old-cake-soaked in rum-balls. No old cake here, best leave that for Punschkrapfen...

The pictures prove it. Made with Austrian rum (yes, it does make the difference), and rolled in coconut, they are delicious.

General notes:

-you might become addicted

-getting greedy will cause you to smear it on your face

-no, it will not make you drunk ;)


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I love those! Actually, I pretty much love every food :-)

Nicole said...

I've never tried a rum ball before. They look good! Anything covered in coconut is good though.

Yeah, I had no clue that Peter was your step dad. I am glad he isn't evil in any way ;o) He seems like a pretty cool, friendly dude!

You really need to start up your own blog again *hint hint* I'd read it!

Lauren Jane Marie said...

I caution you with normal rum balls..ick.

It's kind of disappointing he isn't evil, I don't have fun stories for my friends. But they like his Austrian accent haha.

I'm thinking of it..something complimentary to this one. Double the reading!

Nicole said...

How come normal rum balls are icky?

Haha yeah... no scary step dad stories. Too bad! Austrian accent hey? I have no clue what that would sound like...

Cool! Well if you decide to start your blog up again you'll have to let us all know :o)

Lauren Jane Marie said...

Normal ones are gross cause its pretty much cake scraps mushed together with rum...then coated in chocolate. Not a personal favourite for me, too strong of a flavour.

Think Arnold but less pronounced...or maybe I'm just really used to it!

I'm sure i'll start it again soon. I just have to brainstorm...