Sunday, November 30, 2008


But not the prez. Strange. Maybe GW does not like dumplings.

Anyway. I am here in China, taking care of my business and of course tell you about the trip.
My first lunch was in Beijing at a restaurant well known for it's dumplings. My local contact who is China's largest organic vegetable producer, and a supplier to this restaurant, took me there before I headed off to the next city.

When in China, and dealing with chinese business people, you learn quickly that food is a very important factor of life. I don't suppliers all know my limits when it comes to strange items I will not eat. So I eat. A lot.

Mr. Lee is probably the best contact I have in Beijing, he lived in the US for many years, so he think like a local, but also understands my approach when doing business.
Always let your host choose the dishes to be served, a simple rule of etiquette here. You can't go wrong most of the times.

This particular restaurant had a show kitchen, where you can watch the staff prepare the dough and stuff the dumplings with a great variety of fillings. Some simple condiments with a variety of heat to go along, great company this great, simple meal made for a great start of my trip.

The four of us had drinks, salads and loads of dumplings, the total bill came to ten bucks.
Hmm, maybe GW does not like frugality? Listen to your wife. Always!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I would love to taste REAL Chinese food. I'm sure it's much different from our western variety.

Nicole said...

10 bucks for 4 people?! Now that's a good price! I love how they are wearing masks and being very sanitary. Much better than Joe greasy here in Canada :P

How long are you going to be in China?

H.Peter said...

The food we eat is very very good.
There are some places in China Town where you can gt authentic tasting things...

back on Saturday

Nicole said...

I am a wuss when it comes to food so I would only eat the very plain looking safe foods.