Saturday, November 08, 2008


The Spanish kitchen. Not as well known as other European exports from Italy and France, but nevertheless, very good.

Maybe most famous for Paella, that Saffron rice dish they make so well. That alone should make Spain a popular country to visit for Celiacs? Unless of course you can find a resto closer to home.

Here is my feeble attempt on that dish:
Then there are Tapas, those small appetizer plates, both cold and hot versions. If you visit any bars in Ibiza or Barcelona, there will always be olives, ham, cheese and other treats on the menu that you order with your drinks.

In Chicago, a very well known restaurant group called LETTUCE ENTERTAIN YOU (, has taken the tapas concept and built a successful restaurant concept around it.
Cafe Ba Ba Reeba serves a great selection of Sangria, that sweet wine drink with fruits, as well as Paella and other classic Spanish dishes. Exciting times. There is one in obviously we had to go there.
Bacon wrapped dates with cider vinegar are pretty much the ultimate flavor explosion on a small plate. We like them so much, we make them at home now.
Fried hot padron peppers, spicy paprika potatoes with tomato aioli, manchega cheese and Serrano ham, seared chorizo, txistorra, butifarra & morcilla sausages........I stop now. It's too good.And all gluten free!

By the way (Lorne), they also have cooking classes where they teach you how to make Paella and other spanish dishes.


Anonymous said...

Something tells me this blog was aimed at me. I may have spurred it on.

H.Peter said...

We had Ratatouille for dinner yesterday, so yes you gave me some hints, thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

how does lasagna for dinner tomorrow sound? I'll be making chorizo stuffed pasta and sauce. Should be good!

H.Peter said...

Did you end up making Lasagna?

A good Chorizo makes me very happy.