Sunday, November 23, 2008



Fruitcake. Repressed childhood memories. Flavors so strange and strong for a kid's palate.
Marinated orange zest, bright red preserved cherries, nuts and dates, all of which were trounced in strong alcohol. No surprise really that this traditional Christmas cake is not the most popular treat around.
And yet, people still order it. Traditions are traditions I guess.

So Victoria set out to create an excellent gluten free version of a fruitcake. She already got orders for them. Very much like with all her other treats, Victoria has chosen the best tasting ingredients and left out chemically enhanced fruits.

California Almonds and Pecans from Georgia are the nuts. Raisins, cranberries, a mix of dried apricots, pears, peach, plum and sour cherries make up the fruit base of this creation.

Top all that with a glaze of Austrian apricot jam and rum, decorate nicely with fruit and nuts and even I am tempted to take a bite this year. A bite. Not more. I leave it for you. If you leave me the cheesecake.

Cruel dad I am, Isabella and her friend Ceilidh were my guinea pigs this morning. Guess what?
They liked it!! "Yummy, and it's so pretty".


Anonymous said...


She did make it! Oh I was hoping that she would! I will definitely take two of these to go.

H.Peter said...

Lorne, You like FC?
Well, good! These ones, I would eat ( under duress)!

Anonymous said...

Of course I would eat these! Why do you think I bought the Gymstick?

I even asked if she was going to make fruitcake (cooly called FC by you) and Victoria told me she was thinking about doing so.

H.Peter said...

FC because it saves some typing....
I had another bite this evening. They ARE good!

I just did not have any FC since my childhood.

Anonymous said...

not an FC fan?

Dana Wax said...

You know, I have never ever had fruitcake. I'm jewish, and so I always thought - ha! I'll never have to try that gross brick like thing! ...And yet now that I can never have it, I tottally want to try it. Grass is greener, huh?

Good to know, if I ever truly get the need to experience it, there's somewhere I can go!

H.Peter said...

Hi Dana,

To be very honest, you did not miss much. In my childhood years the alcohol in those Stollen overpowered anything that might have been good, except those bitter orange peels and preserved cherries. And those were at par with the rum....

Jennifer Hamilton said...

I am in complete AWE!!!! Beautiful, I've not seen a version that looks THAT great!