Monday, November 10, 2008


Victoria is working on a small website for GF Patisserie and I got a sneak peak today.
The site will be just like the store, personal and simple.
No Flash animation or other gimmicks.
We all know it is easy to build a site, but it's extremely hard to maintain one.

One thing that caught my eye, is a potential delivery service of Gluten Free Baked Goods in and around Calgary. For $10.00 only. Hmmmm. Not impossible, but tight. So I decided to buy the delivery vehicle for Victoria....this way she can stay within the budget.


Nicole said...

LOL! I would like to see her biking around Calgary in that bike. I think not!

Nicole said...

By the way, the site is looking really good so far! Lorne and I were wondering if Victoria would start one.

Anonymous said...

You should have announced the delivery service in spring. I think the bike would do better then.

Great looking site! I'll be sure to send the site out to the right people.

H.Peter said...

Thank you Lorne. vaguely i do remember your relatives being gluten intolerant?

Nicole, wait until you see the uniform I picked out for delivery driver.

Nicole said...

Hahaha do I even want to see the uniform? :P Does Victoria have any say? :P

H.Peter said...

Nope. It's a uniform. I dictate style. (or lack of)

Provence said...

Sorry for my bad English. Yesterday you visited my blog :
You asked me if bed and breakfast in Provence is mine :Yes it is. Only gluten free.
Your blog is looking good.