Saturday, November 01, 2008


We all grow up eating bread in one form or another. Peanut butter sandwich, toast, as a side for soup, etc.

When one does get diagnosed with Celiac disease, the first thought for many must be, how can I not eat bread anymore. It has become such a daily staple for almost everybody.

There are of course many gluten free bread makers out there, so there is always a solution to every challenge.
GF Patisserie is selling four different kinds of breads now and Victoria plans to expand her lineup according to her customers suggestions.

So far the sandwich bread sells the best, closely followed by the Italian flatbread. If you have not tried her breads yet, go try it. You will be surprised how good gluten free bread can be.

As a side note to regular clients of GF Patisserie, Victoria is closed on Wednesday November 5th. Back to normal on the 6th.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes... the panini bread that started it all for me. You know, you still haven't brought that delicious panini to the shop for me yet... still waiting.

And it looks like we'll be moving in January! Hooray! Housewarming?

H.Peter said...

I can be your first house guest, no problem! I bring da dog.
And a Panini.

Nicole said...

Mmmm panini.

I love bread! I couldn't imagine not being able to eat it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I guess there is no hiding where our new place is, not with all the blogging Nicole did about our place :-P

And the dog is welcome! I'm sure our chihuahuas would agree!