Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am not sure if I have conveyed to you how great it can be to have a couple of pastry chefs in the family.
Tuesday is production day at GF Patisserie.
When they have time after getting set up for the week, they start experimenting with new recipes, or improve existing ones. Not they need to.
I think so far GF Patisserie only received ONE complaint and that was that there is no Brown Rice Flour......
Yesterday, Lauren worked on this classic Italian dessert, TIRAMISU. A tricky cake to make with gluten, never mind without. In Italy they use lady fingers, which basically is nothing else but shaped, dried out sponge cake.
In Europe kids get those with camomille tea if they claim to be sick. Yep, I claimed to be sick a lot...
So Lauren made a gluten free sponge cake, soaked it with Espresso ( not enough) and then whipped up the Mascarpone cheese for the most important layer. Cover the top with cocoa powder and you got one fantastic treat.
Before it goes into the store, I get to taste the whole thing. How great is that? The only thing it needs is some more Espresso and you will be able to enjoy TIRAMISU at GF Patisserie.
Victoria also worked on making Marble loaf in individual portions. This way it will stay moist longer. Yep, I "had to" taste those too. Unbelievable. I think they will be available this week.
Both treats are fantastic and ready to hit the shelves this week!


Dana Wax said...

Ooooh what a tortured life you must lead!

Seriously, that all sounds amazing. It's enough to make me want to border hop.

H.Peter said...

Did you look at the current exchange rate?
You'd probably be eating for half price in Canada....with the US$ being so strong again.

Nicole said...


So, Lorne told me that he stopped by today and picked up cupcakes, a marble cake and something else (I can't remember what he said).!!!!!!

As soon as he gets home from work I am eating a cupcake! Now I just have to impatiently wait for 6 'o clock to come...

I am jealous that you get to try everything. You are one lucky dude!

H.Peter said...

You will love the products.

Eat slow!

Say hi to Mr. L., he is a great guy.

Nicole said...

We just finished sharing the coconut cupcake and marble cake. VERY tasty! You wouldn't even know it was for Celiacs. WAY better than Safeway's bakery ;o)

Your wife and daughter are very talented! Celiacs and non-celiacs have an awesome bakery to go to.

Say "thank you!" to your wife and daughter from me please :o)

P.S thanks for the pecans :o)

Anonymous said...

Victoria tells me that Marble Cake is very European. I'm not sure what that means, but it was fantastic! I want to eat everything I bought today, but that would probably be a bad idea.

I had no idea that is how you make Tiramisu! I will have to try that. Or just buy it. I love tiramisu. It is one of my favs! If it was there today I would have picked up some to go!

Thanks for the pecans! Those are REALLY good! Makes me want a costco membership but I don't think pecans would justify getting one...

So many goodies in one day! I wonder what tomorrow will bring! You are very lucky to have such a talented family who bakes stuff for you to "try".

You can probably tell I'm excited that I made it in today. I'll go now.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the coconut cupcakes were delicious! I can see why they're Victoria's fav!

H.Peter said...


Lauren and Victoria appreciate your words very much.
Butter makes a huge difference when baking. Big bakeries use margerine or shortening. HUGE difference.

Mr. L., I am very glad you enjoyed it all. The nuts are fantastic, I agree.

The Marble loaf cake is actually in it's original shape called a Gugelhupf. Very traditional Austrian - Hungarian coffee cake.

Make some very strong coffee (3 times as strong as your morning coffee), soak the lady fingers, add the mascarpone mix, powder with good cocoa powder and you got yourself a TIRAMISU!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun. I don't drink coffee much, but I'm sure that I make it super strong anyways. I will try that.

Poor ladies missing their fingers though...

H.Peter said...

I am stumped. No comeback.
I guess that's the payback for Newton?

Nicole said...

I would only start to worry if Peter mentioned ladies toes. Fingers I can handle, but toes? That would be so wrong!

Anonymous said...

Lorne 1
Peter 1

This will go on...