Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I do remember years ago still living in the US, Victoria kept making a cake. Coffee cake. Gluten free.

No doubt it was a good cake. Even to me. Apparently many more people told Victoria that's the best they had, even those non Celiacs who were not told about it being GF. It is actually better than the one they sell at Starbucks. So they said.

Victoria kept saying maybe she should open a bakery for Celiacs. My standard response, sure, go ahead. Not until we moved back to Permafreeze Canada, did she get serious about the idea. Now however, GF Patisserie is up and running and that classic coffee cake? Still amazing. Still good, still better than Starbucks.

Victoria planned to hand out coffee cake samplings at the upcoming Celiacs convention here in Calgary this Saturday, but she did even better than that. Her cake will be on the snack table during the conference and every participant will get one with coffee. Curios what the response will be.


Nicole said...

That is so awesome for your wife! I am sure everyone will love them :o)

What a blessing that she was able to start up her own business. You are an awesome husband supporting her decision to start a bakery for Celiacs. I cannot wait to come see GFP. If it didn't take us an hour to get there I would have already been there a few times. I am just so sick of the drive from our house to Cochrane. We've driven it too many times. If for some reason we are in Cochrane before we move I will come visit :o)

H.Peter said...

It is, it is.
lots of work though. A bakery has odd hours.

Once in Cochrane, you will love the town. Got it all there. Crowfoot is maybe 15 minutes away

H.Peter said...
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