Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I am not so sure about the timing of GF Patisserie's latest creation, summer is over, BBQ's all over are being covered up for the winter, but nevertheless, Victoria and Lauren have added a new item to their ever expanding list of fresh baked goods.

The Hamburger bun. Essential to a complete experience of beef, bread, vegetables and a never ending list of condiments. Quite a few times have I observed Victoria's friends who are also Celiacs, to forgo the offered buns we bought for them, to just wrap the burger in salad leaves and make that "low Carb" excuse. I doubt it ever was about Carbs, I am pretty certain it's about stale, crumbling buns.

So when you visit GF Patisserie the next time, check out their new Hamburger Buns.


Anonymous said...

You can always BBQ in winter too! It may take longer... enough time to run to the bakery to get some buns!

Angi, Kyle, and Deak said...

If you go to the very bottom of my page you should see a link on the music player that says 'get your free plalist' or you can just go to playlist.com and create your own. It is really easy! So... I haven't made it into your wife's store yet... do they have all of their items available everyday- like on a shelf at normal stores or do you have to special order things? Everything looks so yummy!

H.Peter said...

OK. Thanks for the help. Will add some music. It is a really good idea.

Not all items are available every day, but your best bets are Friday and Saturday. Before noon....

For the future you can always special order, this weekend for example they got 3 Birthday cakes on order.

H.Peter said...

Senor L.,

I do remember my first impression of Calgary and those BBQ's all over, when I first moved here. It seemed every balcony in the belt line had one.
When they started firing them up in the winter, I was really impressed. Sort of a "cave man" aproach?
I never got the hang of it. It's like green tomatos, can't eat them. My brain just won't accept the fact.

Anonymous said...

Cave man? I resemble that!

Yah, it's nice to BBQ in winter. But our BBQ is gone. We sold it this past summer cause it was enormous. We're going to buy a smaller one for our place in Cochrane as we have a smallish patio.

But BBQ's are fun!