Saturday, October 18, 2008


The Safeway store at Crowfoot in NW Calgary had a giant charity bakesale today. They raise funds every year for breast cancer. When you went into the store, all you saw was pink. Pink outfits, pink wigs, pink balloons and even pink cookies and breads.

The store never looked more alive.

Stephen who volunteered at the sale, is on a strict gluten free diet and a regular customer at Victoria's bakery. He asked Victoria if GF Patisserie would like to participate. Is the Pope catholic? Victoria always has an open ear for a good cause.

Plus her products are pretty good, they would sell well and raise some dollars as well for the cause. Add some exposure in exchange with flyers for her bakery and it is a good thing all around.

By 12 noon Victoria received an email from Stephen to inform her that most of her donated baked goods have sold already and the response was very good. Well done Stephen! Thanks for thinking of GF Patisserie!


Nicole said...


We were at Safeway yesterday and noticed all the pink everywhere. It looked all girly and purdy teehee ;o)

H.Peter said...

yeah, when we delivered the cakes, there was a real good vibe in that store. Not like it's glum normal self.