Sunday, October 26, 2008


Too bad my camera did not work yesterday. I had to go to Google to find an image of the keynote speaker.
The Calgary Celiac Association had their annual conference yesterday at the MacEwan convention center. The trade show attached to the whole thing was really interesting.

Victoria set up her booth with all other exhibitors very early morning and around 8am the first attendants showed up already. 400 dedicated Celiacs in all registered, quite a feat for the local chapter.
Most booth had something for sale, their gluten free food, a special course to make gluten free stuff, a few vitamin places and so on.

Victoria provided her baked goods for the breakfast snack, so she had no time to bake more products for sale. She did have free samples of Callebaut Chocolate Brownies and her Pumpkin Spice bar and that made her booth a very popular one. 800 bite size pieces were gone by 3pm

I spent the last few hours of the day in her booth and the comments by the local Celiac community were very much appreciated by Victoria. They loved the baked goods at breakfast, her famous Coffee Cake and Lemon Loaf. Excellent exposure for GF Patisserie. Excellent new resource for Celiacs. A win win situation.
The keynote speaker Dr. Alessio Fasano gave a very very good presentation. He seems to be the celebrity doc for the Gluten Free community by his sheer dedication to the challenges they face and his state of the art research centre at the University of Maryland.

The organizers who are exclusively volunteers, did a fantastic job. I am not a very organized person and can not even imagine what it takes to pull off such a show as they did yesterday.


Nicole said...

Awesome! I'm happy for your wife :o)

H.Peter said...

It was a very good day for everybody involved.
Victoria is excited abouthaving met so many Celiacs who have not been to her shop