Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have looked at my old old posts and decide that some of the better ones, I should re post. Not because I am running out of ideas to write about,, but I think way back in April and May, not too many people found this blog. Not all of the posts, but some of the better ones only. Now I also got more images on some topics.

Refinement and experimenting is a normal process in any type of cooking or baking. But as many of you Celiacs can relate to, due to the lack of ingredients and different reactions of gluten free flours, one has to try more often to come up with a great tasting cake, pie or meal.

Now here is my bold prediction: Victoria's butter tarts will blow you away. Knock your socks off. They will be the best selling items in her tent. (Victoria thinks Brownies.....) No doubt in my mind.
Already the first set of tarts was very good, so this is not about improvements as much as it is an issue of being able to produce them in larger quantities. Now there is also one with nuts. I prefer the Cranberry version though.
Update: Yes, the butter tarts have become a top seller, but it's the plain ones that sell best. I am sure this trend will continue as we aproach Christmas.


Nicole said...

I don't like raisins in baking so those cranberry ones look great! Good idea!

H.Peter said...

I am with you on Raisins. Not my thing.
But those cranberries add some zest to the butter tarts.

Nicole said...

I LOVE cranberries :o)