Thursday, September 18, 2008


As all of you Celiacs out there know, Xanthan Gum is somewhat of a miracle ingredient for gluten free baking. It gives the baked goodss the elasticity that is lost in flour without gluten.
Well. For home baking you don't really need huge amounts of this gum, but have you ever checked the price per KG? The retail price ranges from 65.00 to 80.00 a kilo!! Whenever you pay those kind of prices, you should question why.

Anyway. When you bake gluten free commercially, those prices do make a huge difference, so Victoria went on a worldwide hunt for the best quality, finest milled Xanthan Gum. There really are only a handful of manufacturers for these types of products worldwide and most of them are huge conglomerates.

Jungbunzlauer for example, an Austrian company, supplies Citric Acid to Coca Cola, or Cargill's annual sales are north of 50 Billion and so on. Tough to get them to listen to a start up bakery in Cochrane...... all of them did send samples to us, but minimum orders were tons of product. No can do.

Victoria succeeded in getting someone to give her a Canadian distributor for Cargill and that company in turn was kind enough to deal with her directly. So now GF Patisserie is set for a while and will be able to offer Xanthan Gum to customers at prices much much lower than any retailer in town.

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That is so cool. I always see that ingredient but never knew what it did!

And now my path to enlightenment has been set!