Saturday, September 13, 2008


Every time our family visits Europe, a constant goal is to eat meals or foods that are as typical for it's locale as possible. My last trip being at the tail end of summer, I hoped to still get a chance to eat wild mushrooms. Ceps were gone for the year, but I found some fantastic Chanterelles at a market in Kirchdorf. Bright yellow mushrooms growing wild in the Forest, they have a very distinct flavor.

After thoroughly cleaning them from pine needles and little bugs by hand, I made a quick Risotto for the whole family. You just cannot duplicate that flavor with our local offerings of mushrooms here in Calgary.

Microsoft needs to invent a smellorama screen, this way I could share the flavors much better......


Anonymous said...

Wow! The food looks fantastic! I found your blog through kijiji! My mom is a celiac (mild case) and my wife's aunt is hardcore celiac. I am always interested to see what can be done should it ever happen to me! Looks like the food will always be good, no matter what happens!

We're moving out to Cochrane soon. Perhaps we will stop by and check out some stuff!

H.Peter said...

Isn't Kijiji great? We got so many leads/clients from there.

If your relatives are close to Calgary/Cochrane, they will love Victoria's baking.

I learnt through Victoria that the best food is pure food. The less you put in, the less you get sick.

Anonymous said...

Acutally we're already in Calgary. So maybe a visit for a fresh panini will be in order!