Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Where I come from, we don't eat Pumpkins all that much. Not a desirable vegetable in Europe.

We use the seeds to make oil for salads, but we don't use other parts often, ESPECIALLY NOT to make anything sweet. Like Pumpkin Pie.

Needless to say, here in North America Pumpkin Pie is a solid part of fall festivities such as Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas.

I still won't eat it, but Victoria and Lauren are prepping fresh patches of gluten free pies starting this Thursday. To make sure you get your fill, let them know a couple of days in advance if you want a larger quantity for your own Thanksgiving feast.

Yes, Victoria made me try it like she does every year, which meets my annual quota of pumpkin consumption.


Anonymous said...

I need to come and visit. I love pumpkin pie, especially homemade stuff, and everything that you have on this blog just looks so good. My wife is drooling and is now craving pumpkin pie.

Thanks :-)

H.Peter said...

Go ahead and treat your family....I can live without Pumpkin Pie.
Here is my secret tip: Pick a Brownie with the Ganache on top.

Nicole said...


I keep checking out your site whenever my husband (Lorne) checks it out. And I must say that your wife is one talented lady! All her desserts look amazing! I cannot wait to check your store out once we are in Cochrane :o)

H.Peter said...

hello there Nicole

yes, Victoria got a knack for making things look & taste good.

You will enjoy living in Cochrane very much.
Great small town feel.

Talk soon,