Saturday, September 27, 2008


We got a flyer at our house here this week for a new grocery store, called Basha Foods. I never look at grocery flyers, but this one caught my eye, because it had some major ethnic food specials in it. Date Paste from Tunisia?

So I took the time for a drive to Temple in the Northeast of Calgary to check out the new store. They refurbished an existing supermarket and stocked the shelves with mostly Middle Eastern and Indian foods.

Now, I love to eat Curries, Shawarmas, Doner and all those good things that taste so different from our own cuisines, but I am not that good a cook to use most groceries or spices offered at Basha and make a great meal out of them. Nor am I patient enough to learn a completely new style of cooking.

Nevertheless, I was very very impressed by the sheer variety of great items there. Their Halva selection alone is by far the biggest I have seen outside of Beirut. Same goes for Tahini, I never knew that there could be such a wide choice.

A great bulk foods section, I counted 12 different Pistachios, among all those other nuts. Dozens of different Olive oils mostly from Lebanon, curry powders, curry pastes and so much more.

This store is certainly worth the drive if you know how to use the ingredients offered. I bought Pine honey from Turkey, which turned out to be great tasting, some sugar coated Fennel because those candies remind me of our trips to India and some Desi Ghee, which is an Indian name for clarified butter. I love to cook with butter, and with clarified butter you can reach a higher heating point than with the regular type.
If i am in the neighborhood, I'll go back for sure.



Lauren said...

This place looks cool! Thanks for commenting on my blog, thats an awesome idea for Nutella! By the way, happy *almost* 100th post!

H.Peter said...

Your Blog is very well done.
Plus, Nutella is one of my most memorable childhood memories.

Thanks for congrats, as of today....100 Posts.