Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I am back. It's a great feeling to board Air Canada flight AC 845 in Frankfurt. It always feels I am back home already the moment I step on the plane. Friendly people & service, good comfort and so so food. Oh Canada.

The working vacation as I called it, was very good. Business is good in Europe and the holiday was even better. So many difference, some better, some worse, always great to compare. Overall, with the sum of all things, Canada is a great place to call home. Believe me. It is.

Yes, a wood oven Pizza is only 5.00 Euros compared to 14.00 here, yes, a bottle of Prosecco is only 3.99 there and 13.99 here. But then they don't have the entrepreneurial opportunities that are available here. To open a business is not only much much costlier, but you also need some major qualifications in order to open at all.

What I did enjoy the most of all things while over in Austria was the relaxed atmosphere when it comes to dining. No rush, not too much take out food yet, fresh ingredients and fantastic company. Europeans see food more as an entertainment event, more so than a strict calorie intake as we sometimes do over here. You get my drift.

More to come later. Let me just say.....chocolate.

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