Friday, August 15, 2008


A couple of doors down from GF PATISSERIE on 3rd Avenue in Cochrane is the Blue Dog Cafe. The place has been around for quite a few years, always a good sign for me.

So I took Victoria for lunch there, as it was a sunny day and their patio looks very inviting.

Besides the obvious gluten free salad selection, they had some more option for Celiacs. Victoria went for the ribs. Great flavor, with a tangy BBQ sauce, tender meat. Nice and light lunch. Victoria brought her own bread to go wit the meal. ( AN obvious advantage having a GF Bakery next door)
On weekends they feature live music and to me, it is well worth a drive to Cochrane.


Anonymous said...

Blue Dog is one of my favorite places... haven't been for a while though, I think it's time for a visit!

H.Peter said...

Gotta love the patio.
Cochrane is really growing on me again. We lived there for a couple of years.

Es355lucille & KissMyWrasse said...

If you want to wait a long time for your food and be subject to very rude waitresses then by all means go to the Blue Dog Cafe.