Saturday, August 23, 2008


One of the biggest beneficiaries of Victoria's GF Patisserie is our Isabella. Not only does she get a treat most times she visits her Mom, she also gets to brag about it to her friends. Cupcakes this, butter tart that and on she goes all the time.

No surprise then, when she has a friend over to hear the question, "Can we go visit the bakery today?"
It's Saturday, not much else going on, so why not. Kids who are not affected by Celiacs disease, don't want to hear about Gluten Free, wheat versus rice flour, they just want a treat. And they deserve it. Especially since Victoria's cookies are very good and made with top notch ingredients, like clarified butter and Callebaut Chocolate.
Compare that to a single scoop of ice ceam for 3.50 (plus .25 for a cup) on main street, Hmmm what can I say?

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