Saturday, July 05, 2008


Yesterday, July 4th, the annual Calgary Stampede started. I never really was a fan of forced happiness of any kind, but for our kids sake we have been to the grounds and had some fun over the years.

I am going again this year with Isabella, maybe even take some pics, if I find anything worthwhile to type about.

Having eaten all the excess cupcakes last week, I told Victoria I have to cut back on my duties of chief food taster...too much sugar, so she made me a salad for dinner yesterday. I like salad, especially in the summer. Nothing fancy, just plain greens, a few slices of roast beef with a french vinaigrette. Lauren cut up a loaf of GF Patisserie's famous bread, mixed in some extra virgin olive oil, added some garlic, fresh Thyme and Rosemary which made for some very good tasting croutons.

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