Tuesday, July 01, 2008


If Victoria would be an alchemist, she would have turned base metals into gold a long time ago. For now let's settle on how she turns every day baked goods into the best gluten free stuff around.
You can tell me to stop gloating, but once you taste her latest creation, you will have to agree with me. No doubt.

Today is Canada Day. While I went for a long walk along the river, Victoria created the most appealing and tasty GLUTEN FREE cupcakes. I stopped being surprised by her stuff, but today I was speechless.

Victoria sourced Italian cupcake papers that look more like a leafy tulip than your average baking cup you get at local cup cakeries or other popular bakeries. Not only does the cupcake look appealing with this nice brown paper wrap, but when you unwrap it, the cake is shaped like a flower as well.
The cupcake itself is light in weight and bite, with a buttery vanilla cream and roasted coconut shavings on top. Not yet available at the Bearspaw Farmers' Market, but this afternoon, Victoria is signing the lease in Cochrane. So they will be available soon.
You know how all families make the trek to Cochrane for ice cream at Mackay's? Now you have a REAL reason to tag along. CUPCAKES from GF Patisserie.


Anonymous said...

all of these tasty treats look amazing! I have a feeling that I will be gaining a few pounds once the place in Cochrane opens up! I will be watching for a grand opening date!!

H.Peter said...

Welcome back Christa,

I am not going to blow smoke here, those cupcakes are amazing. Fluffier than regular ones.

As I type, Victoria is in Cochrane setting up appointments for renovations. So stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

That's great news!! I have a feeling they are going to do very well, if I have anything to do about it!
btw - I have certainly been missing the bread this week, I will have to email Victoria to save me a loaf this Sunday ;)

H.Peter said...

The bread is selling incredibly well.
Good idea to email Victoria and hold a loaf or two.

Do you know a lot of Celiacs in Cochrane?


Anonymous said...

no, unfortunately I don't know many, I just moved there a few months ago... but I do find that people are much more concious of it in Cochrane, which I appreciate. about a month ago they did 'A Taste of Cochrane', a version of what Calgary does, and almost all of the places we went to try food I was able to eat. If they did or didn't, they all knew what I was talking about. I find that people who live there are just more health concious as well. Twisted Basil has gluten-free packaged items, amongst all their organic stuff, and I think they do quite well. Actually, it was someone at the 'Taste of Cochrane' that first told me about gf Patisserie (of course that was when the first location was about to open). once the bakery opens, it will be an amazing door opened to the Celiac community. have Victoria and Lauren thought about classes or any type of events once they get up and running?