Sunday, June 08, 2008


Despite some unseasonal cold and wet weather today, many of you brave people made the trek out to Bearspaw and emptied out GF PATISSERIE on their only second time out to market. By 2.30pm all was gone except some Chocolate rice puff squares. Victoria and Lauren are very thankful and wanted me to express that to you.

First to go was the bread, closely followed by the lemon loaf and marble loaf and of course those butter tarts. They will even run their first delivery tommorrow to a lady who could not make it to the market and very much wants to try it all. This delivery service is something Victoria is pondering right now and will probably offer after the Bearspaw market closes. Unless she finds a good replacement spot. Any input, any advise?

GF PATISSERIE has booked a commercial kitchen all day Friday and Saturday, to ramp up production. If you want to pre order, please email Victoria direct: .

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