Wednesday, June 18, 2008


When in Rome do as the Romans do. Or adapt to the culture you live in.

So. We live in Alberta. What do Albertans do? They BBQ. A LOT!!!

When I first moved to Calgary, one of the strongest impressions were those rusty BBQ's on all the balconies in the belt line district. A very uncommon sight in Europe, let me tell you.

So I BBQ. Not as good as Victoria, she has more patience, but I am getting there. One day. Maybe. She thinks not.

I am sure most of the Celiacs reading this blurb are already aware, but I have to give a plug to this Calgary based company called Cattle Boyz Foods. I obviously need a gluten free sauce to go with all that meat I am going to grill. And I found one.CATTLE BOYZ ORIGINAL at Sobey's. Right there, bottom right hand side of the label, readable without glasses, or any other reading aides,

Impressive, a company that cares about you celiacs. And it tastes OUTSTANDING. Really.

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