Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What makes a good apple pie? The crust? The filling? I guess a combination of both is important isn't it?

It is still unofficial and I am not supposed to post (jinx) it, but Victoria is negotiating a new lease in Cochrane. After the last location fell through due to a really stupid mix up by the (also stupid) realtor, Victoria is keeping this one tight to her chest for now.
Anyway. In anticipation for that new store, both Lauren and Victoria are testing new and old recipes of cakes, pies, torten and other baked goods, which they are not able to sell at the Bearspaw market, due to health regulations. They will be available in the store only. Something about perishable goods.

My role in this whole venture is that of chief food tester, a truly important and enviable position, but I think it cannot be good for me. Yesterday I overheard Victoria and Lauren compare me to Homer Simpson behind my back. Hmmmm. What did they mean by that?

Today it was apple pie. Lauren made both the crust (obvious) and the filling from scratch for an excellent version of a GF apple pie. I really believe that the fillings in 99% of the places who sell pies are out of a can which really makes for a generic taste from the HYATT Hotel to the 16th Avenue Diner.

Lauren started with Granny Smith apples for tartness, added brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice and a bit of butter for the filling. Add a great flaky dough with her passion for baking and out comes an old fashioned home made apple pie.

Yes, I added whipped cream and ice cream.

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