Sunday, May 25, 2008


Before Victoria started GF PATISSERIE, she often travelled with me to China to help select new designs and of course enjoy the travels. one of the most rewarding aspects of visiting China besides it's great people, is the food. Yes, they have wheat, but it is certainly secondary to other ingredients like rice or corn. So it is a natural place to eat (mostly) without fears. Our trusted friends and suppliers, have been invaluable to us over the years.  So naturally they always come out to dinner with us, where they helped us many times explaining the Gluten Free issues.
PLEASE, ALWAYS ASK BEFORE YOU ORDER. Email me and I will send you the translation for GLUTEN FREE in Chinese.

One of very few obstacles we had to overcome was the soy sauce and to our surprise, many of them used commercially were Gluten Free. Hardly ever do Chinese use flour as binder or thickener for their sauces. Even in crummy food stalls on the road side we were surprised to be safe to eat. In all those years travelling to China, I only got sick once, Victoria never.

That we love Chinese food, is certainly a bonus and we look forward to each trip, where we try to find new foods to explore. Sometimes I feel like Anthony Bourdain, my favorite travelling chef. C

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