Sunday, April 20, 2008


Poppy seeds, the ingredient for myth and speculation. Could you test positive for morphine after eating a cake with poppy seeds? Who can forget the famous Seinfeld episode, where Elaine tests positive for drugs after eating poppy seed muffins and gets fired?

My answer? Who cares!? Ground poppy seeds are so widely used in Europe, half the population would be out of a job. Too good an ingredient for baking. Go out and buy it. Use it. Don't worry, you hate your job anyway.

My wife knows how much I like poppy seed cakes and for my birthday (just a few days ago) she made my favorite Torte. With a thick layer of lemon zest glaze. Just like in the old country. Whenever we visit Austria, we bring back a few bags of ground poppy seeds (amongst other great ingredients), they freeze for up to a year perfectly. Ground poppy seeds make for a moist, light cake, perfect for gluten free baking.

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