Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Italian food. Possibly one of the best cuisines around. Everybody loves italian dishes, Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, Gelato. And to a lesser extend, Gnocchi. Bummer for Celiacs. Not many gluten free italian dishes taste all that good in my opinion. Or so I thought. Narrow minded Euro man. Mind over matter. Nothing is impossible.

Today Victoria made gluten free Gnocchi with carbonara sauce. From scratch. No store bought dumplings. Fresh bacon and cream with garlic and wine. All great ingredients.

Unfortunatly the whole family loves those little dumplings when Victoria makes them and I was late for dinner. No pretty pictures with a parsley garnish, no nice plated portion of fresh Gnocchi on a clean plate. Just a 3/4 empty frying pan.

But then this is not a cooking blog anyway. It's a blog about living with a family that gets loads of gluten free food, home made gluten free food. Stay tuned.

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