Sunday, April 20, 2008


In Austria the most traditional breakfast is probably sliced bread with butter and jam. Ever since I can remember that is what I ate for breakfast. Of course with a variety of breads, from dark rye to Kaiser rolls. Always home made jams from apricots or red currants to strawberries, never any additives. Other than a shot of Stroh Rum to "make it last longer". I am not sure if that was the true reason my mother told me.

Some habits are hard to break, so I still go to MY favorite bakery in Calgary (Guenther's on 17th Ave SE), buy a dozen rolls to freeze and enjoy my Austrian breakfast throughout the week. Of course we try to pass some of our own traditions on to our next generation. But what to do when your child is on a gluten free regiment and the GF breads available locally do not pass the QC test for my Austrian palate?

In order to placate my complaints and also for her own reasons, Victoria started experimenting a few month ago to create a bread that me, her whiny husband, is willing to feed to Isabella.

Oh boy. IMPOSSIBLE, I thought.

Though it took some trial and error over the last few weeks, Victoria persisted and we now have daily bread to eat. Daily bread, that even I enjoy, when on rare occasions I am out of my crusty little kaiser rolls. Bread that is tasty, bread that is light and bread that tastes fantastic with butter and jam.

Congratulations Victoria!

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