Saturday, April 19, 2008


Calgary in April. Nice and sunny yesterday, major snow today. Crazy. Not much to do with weather like that. So Victoria decides this morning to make cream puffs. Gluten free ones. Not a simple dough to begin with in the real world of baking, it is much more complicated to make choux without gluten. These little balls need to rise properly, if you want to fill 'em with whipped cream or vanilla mousse.

Choux dough or panade is actually the only dough that is being cooked before baking. So now try to make it gluten free. A natural born skeptic when it comes to baking ( I am from Austria, the home of the best cakes and torten after all), I was not sure if it can be done. However, let me tell you, Victoria has surprised me with her concoctions before. MANY TIMES.

Et voila, there they are. Gluten free cream puffs. I was very pleasantly surprised by my wife's talent to again make something for Celiacs that tastes actually so close to the original. Not dried out or crumbling little hockey pucks with whipped cream, no, fluffy, airy delicate little cream puffs.

I will have to convince her to open a bakery or something, because otherwise nobody is going to believe me. Ever. Marble loaf cake, poppy seed torte, Esterhazy slices, apricot dumplings. All without gluten. As she makes it, I will post it. With pictures.

Because of the snow and nothing else to do, I decided to start this blog today. Loads of stories from the past, present and maybe some more of the future to post. Stay tuned.

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