Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Just when you thought I am  done with all the cheeses, I  discover another one for you that peeked my curiosity. 
Today, I bought a cheese from Normandy and it's name is Le Petit Livarot. And it is the most pungent cheese yet. I may have said that before, but this one has them all beat. Seriously, by a mile.

Named after the village where it's originated, has nothing but nice things to say about it. Apparently there are wordly people over at that website. Not worldly, wordly. BIG difference. 

Let me quote them: "The taste is nutty, melting in the mouth, to release flavours of a salty lemon and spiciness. The texture is creamy, smooth and quite runny at room temperature". 
I love it. Here is my vocabulary.
"It's pungent with an aroma reminiscent of a locker room in Bulgaria after a soccer game. (having been to a locker room in Bulgaria,makes me worldly, but not wordly) When I left it sit out on the kitchen counter for a few minutes, it was runny and the smell got worse. While a group of flies were keen to attack my Iberico ham, they did steer clear of the cheese plate". And this is why I am not a writer. Hear that, Mrs. Red Deer?

Poking fun aside, it is actually really good cheese. I did enjoy it with some ham and drank a glass of Pineau alongside to cut the fat in my belly. If you like smelly stuff, buy it. The flavor is really good. Here is another write up about this great product


Nadege said...

I can taste it! I love that cheese. Except for Roquefort, Gorgonzola and all bleu cheese, I love them all, the stinkier the better! Enjoy it with a fresh baguette and a good red wine.

H.Peter said...

It's a special one. But I had to put the cheese ina ziploc bag or my fridge would smell

melinda said...

i love the lil livarot too

H.Peter said...

It seems I am the last one trying this cheese.

Emm said...

It sounds interesting. And looks interesting, as well.

Does the Pineau really cut the effects of the fat? What about plain wine?

H.Peter said...

Hi Emmm, I am not sure if it helps for real, but I do it.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Have you tried the cheese called Maroilles?

H.Peter said...

No I haven't tried or seen that one, ken.
Going to look for it at the cheese monger's stall.