Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Kim Hoa, the artist here in the Charente. Not the man in N.Korea. I mentioned Kim in this BLOG POST when she won an art contest here in Jarnac with her unique interpretation of the river with leaving out a major dominant color. 

Since then, I made it on her email list and she won a couple of times in smaller competitions, but last weekend in a giant art contest in the Perigord with 53 other artists, Kim did not win the overall first prize (she came in at a fantastic third overall), but Kim Hoa took home the creative award. Amazing and impressive. 
Apparently the audience chanted her name to the Jury when the professionals could not make a decision. How cool is that?
Which then makes one think. Why do we buy art? For pleasure or investment? Can it be both? Should one be prioritized over the other? What if Kim continues her education in arts and finds an agent, a gallery in a big city to promote her works to a broader and more educated audience? Maybe I have to buy a piece? One of Jarnac to for always remind us of the years spent here. In an abstract way, the style Kim paints. How about that.

Anyway. Look at the motive in a photograph and then at her interpretation of that motive. I say it again, what I said before. I have no clue about art, at least not enough to fully understand her work, but.........stay tuned.  By the way, a notary public from that town bought the artwork right of her easel. He chose her work over the winner, since Kim won two prizes, third and creative.




Emm said...

I think you have to buy art because you like it and want to see it, not because it might be worth a few euros more in some distant future.

I like this women's treatment of color and vegetation, very interesting.

H.Peter said...

I agree. Partially, Emmm. It is best maybe to find a combination of both.
Of course you have to like the piece, especially if you hang it, but I also know that there is money in art....