Thursday, August 21, 2014


......that make life in France the shits. I don't want to be a Nestbeschmutzer, but actual reality is just that. France will never ever be La Grande Nation again.  If it even ever was. 
Did you read this post where I had trouble paying anywhere with large bills? Well, it happened again. This time though it gets worse. Right after realizing my mistake of pulling large bills from an ATM, I walked into the bank to ask for smaller bills.
Remember, my french is OK, but by no means fluent and if I get stressed, well, let's just say it becomes worse and I am being hard to understand.

HOWEVER. It started all out very polite by me asking if there is a chance of getting smaller bills as I seem to have trouble paying for fresh fruits at the market with 50.00 Euro bills. The swift and cold reply: "Non." I replied with a nice, "Pardonez moi?" From here on I will paraphrase for you, as my written french is even worse than my spoken words...
The young teller with her huge sense of entitlement went on to repeat, that no, she can't do that. On my simple pourquoi (why) question things got worse. Her demeanor changed from ignorant to bitch from hell. Am I customer? No, but would that make a difference?  Instead of answering my question, she went apeshit and told me she has to explain nothing to me since I am not even a client of this reputable establishment she works at.
Which then in return sets off the choleric in me and I asked about opening an account toute deposit some money if this is such a special bank. 

Let me not drag this conversation out too long, but earliest available appointment to open an account.......more than 10 days away. She clearly must have hoped I am a tourist. What a card.

Yes, a petty issue, yes maybe not even worth talking about, but that`s your opinion. I on the other hand find these occurances symptomatic for a country as it is. A shadow of it`s former past. A country that does not even have an acronym for it's poor performance, it's drag on European strength such as the other weak members in Europe do. P.I.G.S. 
Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. Well, how about F.PIGS for Fucking Pigs. France deserves the top spot on this list, no doubt in my mind. 

While President Hollande became the largest shareholder in Alstom, to ensure that this mean American company won`t railroad his outdated socialistic labor laws, or when this industry insider calls a spade a spade, these things do not affect my daily life. 
It`s the little grievances that add up over time and clearly are a sign that even if there were to be a change in government, nothing will change. People are so dependent on the government trough in this country, so addicted to the hand outs they receive. And it`s people who change a country, not politicians. It takes a revolution, not policy.
And a turnaround like that takes at least one generation. Poland would maybe the best case in point inside the EU. From protest to most successful GDP growth by people simply changing their attitude.
The French will never achieve that. Ever. They are the F in Pigs.

 Unless they find a truly strong leader.



keenast said...

Oh darn - that look in her face ;(

At least the pasta dish you posted a pic of looked divine! Enjoy while it lasts !

H.Peter said...

I am already over it. Just when stuff like that happens, I need to vent.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Ouch! I am the same way on venting when I feel that a grievous injustice has been done. ;-)

H.Peter said...

Yeah, I steam up quickly. But then, I do remind myself of that high blood pressure issue I am facing....