Friday, July 18, 2014


Patio might be misleading a word. Courtyard too, Courette maybe? We have a townhouse and the only outdoor space aside of staking claim to the alley, is this fully walled space off the kitchen. In the summer the sun actually hits part of it, but it's mostly shaded. Which in the summer is very nice actually.
Until recently we used it more as a potting place and the BBQ sat out there too with this teak table that's been around the block already. Not something to to feature when you have guest over.

But. I cleaned it. I borrowed a KARCHER pressure washer to get the grime off these tiles and to my own surprise, the courtyard looked instantly brighter. It's hard to describe what it looked like, I did not find any before images. I used some special teak cleaner and even the table turned out OK clean. But it sure looks better with this vintage table cloth I found.  The table is actually too big for the spot, but will do for now.
We never used it to sit and sip some wine or enjoy an evening Al Fresco.  Now, I am actually using the lounger sometimes in the afternoon.  The paint along the walls looks tired too, I am thinking about tiling the place with some larger sized, more up to date tiles. Make it pop.

I am cleaning up the BBQ and will put it back out there, so next time you stop by, bring a couple of steaks please. I'll cook.


Nadege said...

Good job! A little bit of elbow grease, I mean power washer, a flair for decoration… great candlesticks, I love the look.

Emm said...

*Very* nice. I like the table decorations, as well. You may have found your calling in life.

H.Peter said...

I did such a nice job Nadege that the pigeons moved in....unreal.

H.Peter said...

hi Emmm, I decked it out for the picturess. My calling it's not really. Enjoyment, very much so.

Emm said...

I was joking. You did a lovely job of it.