Friday, July 25, 2014



No worries. This is not going to be one of my pissed off rants about something that bothers me about living here in France. Well, maybe a little.
Just that above picture that I "borrowed" off a FB friend's page is very much the most accurate summation of France. And life here.
We all make decisions for a variety of reasons, hoping to be mostly right and sometimes it turns out to be the wrong choice. And as I contemplate how gorgeous this summer turns out to be weather wise, I also think about the small things that make the choleric in me boil over. And frankly speaking, it's ALWAYS the small things. Sadly, they do add up.

As I read some other's posts about the love and dislike they have for this  country, I have to smile since I can relate most times. In the end though, one realizes that indeed no other country is perfect either. A very important fact to ponder when loosing your temper at the oh so stoic check out lady at Intermarche."What's they hurry?" she conveys with her eyes.....
The main reason why France gets so much attention on both sides of the spectrum I believe,  is mostly because there are more expats here than in other countries that talk about their good and bad days living in a giant time warp. Seriously, who still pays with a check for groceries? 12,89 Euros? Here, let me pay for it, if it gets me back to the house faster.

I've come to accept France as that one giant museum it actually is. Where things are done the same way they did in 1963, with a giant gift shop attached to that museum. That gift shop being a metaphor for all things food (except the beef), since this is where the French excel beyond anyone. Think Epcot center. Here we make the cheese, taste some of my freshly made jams please, there you can buy some spicy sausages and around the corner, let's all take a roller coaster ride down the Eiffel Tower to the beach. 
How swell a place this is. All it takes is a complete mind reset. How easy is that? I can do it. I have just ordered checks to pay for EVERYTHING FROM NOW ON. See how the locals like it when a foreigner does not know how to spell 44 in French (QUARANTAINECARDE??). Holding up everybody else for 6 minutes. Second ID? Mon Dieu, I shop here every day. You know me.

This country should just start charging admission at all points of entry, make them pay the price for wanting to eat that PicNic in the jardins of Paris. For sure it would put an end to all their economic woes toute suite.  
Since Socialism turned most citizens into fearful, blind lemmings who follow anyone with questionable authority, tell them to dress up in traditional garb for all visitors to see that things are well in La France Profonde. Unemployment drops to 1,5% nationally by simply making all welfare leeches hang out at Cafes and Bars to interact with tourists, paid by the government of course.
And let them smoke again without hazard warnings. Just the way things were in 1963. 

And whoever is in charge of promoting France, does deserve the Nobel prize for sales and marketing. 


Nadege said...

Do I detect a very slight sarcasm?

H.Peter said...

Tongue in cheek more so.
As mentioned, this country is amazing in many aspects and absolutely broken in other (sadly more important) arenas.

Nadege said...

I agree with you. I was not criticizing you, I just didn't have a clever comment.