Tuesday, July 29, 2014


So Monsieur Herpin died. At a very premature age of 56 it most definitely was a sudden death, I was able to ascertain. 
Two days after I had my last and as usual very short conversation with him on July 5th, he passed away in his shop. He was the owner and dog groomer who's Salon is across from our house in Jarnac. Many mornings when I enjoyed my second or third coffee and heard the distinct ding dong of his shop bell, I'd look out the window and watch him take care of another dog dropped of by a local dog owner for a trim or bath. A calm, gentle man.

Miss Emily had her nails done by M. Herpin a few times. Never her favorite thing to do, she was actually very well behaved when he treated her. A bachelor, he seemed to have a great feeling for animals. In the years living here, I have seen him smile exactly once, which was when he asked me if I have any plans for my retail space and I jokingly replied (in french) that I plan to open a cat grooming business, only to realize that the french word for cat grooming could have a funny double meaning. 

When I first saw the sign in the window a couple of weeks ago, I was certain that his mother passed and he'd had enough of Jarnac and moved away. Not until two days ago, when I saw a truck remove a brand new fridge and then Googled his business, did I realize that he passed on. 

May he arrive well on the other side and continue to clip Emily's nails.




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